Malleus Drum Pedals – Hammer of the Gods

HighWood drums is proud to introduce Malleus, a Patent Pending precision engineered drum pedal system designed to be the last pedal you’ll ever need.

Malleus components are machined to the tightest tolerance, no die cast parts, no cutting corners, a simple design with no pointless excess. It relies on solid engineering principles featuring a constant system of bearings installed at every rotational point. The direct drive bar produces zero lag for the fastest response possible.

The result is a super smooth, efficient and powerful pedal that feels positive underfoot. The Malleus has been designed & manufactured by drummers, for drummers.


The pedals’ design is loaded with new refreshing ideas such as:

The Tow Bar hoop coupling system, offering fast connection to and from the drum. This allows the double pedal beaters to strike more centrally on the drum.

The Multi-Position Beater Housing allows tailoring of feel and performance, finding the right balance of speed and power is simple, as is reverting to previous settings.

We use High Tensile Dog Point  Grub Screws for our fixings, these provide a more positive bite than a Tension rod headed “mild steel screw”  - a drum pedal is machine & Malleus is high performance machine, one common problem with pedals is parts working loose while in use, using a high tensile fixing means they won’t work loose,  outlasting common used cheap parts that don’t have the precision or aggression to hold fast whilst under constant use. Once the pedal is set you are done, no fiddling around or adjusting the pedal whilst one the drum, just click it on the hoop & start playing.

The practical modular system of components  pedals can be assembled as right, left, centre, double and single, the double pedals can also be split into singles.

The design is evolving with new parts, accessories and upgrade components, meaning it really will be the only pedal any drummer needs.


Malleus Pedals can be bought Online here.
UK shipping is included – international shipping options cost will be added soon

Right Footed Models

Malleus Single Pedal (right) – £200 [wp_cart:Mallus Single R:price:200.00:end]

Malleus Double Pedal (right) – £500 [wp_cart:Mallus Double R:price:500.00:end]

Left Footed Models

Malleus Single Pedal (left) – £200 [wp_cart:Mallus Single L:price:200.00:end]

Malleus Double Pedal (left) – £500 [wp_cart:Mallus Double L:price:500.00:end]


Malleus Extra C Clamp – £25.00 [wp_cart:Mallus C Clamp:price:25.00:end]






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